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Prodotti Peperoncini Chilli Peppers - Stuffed

The attention paid to this product has brought us to select a variety of chilli peppers and cultivate them in our fields, obtaining a prime ingredient of extreme high quality.

A round cherry pepper, delicately spicy, particularly fleshy and crunchy, worked on fresh just after the harvest. Following a careful manual working procedure, it's cleaned and emptied, lightly boiled and filled using three different recipes:

  • capers and anchovies -  the tastiest and most traditional
  • tuna fish - the most delicate
  • goat's cheese - the most innovative

Because we work so quickly with the fresh peppers, these stuffed chilli peppers are prepared without preservatives.

We'll try and suggest some original hints for the "mise en place": creativity in the dishes presentation is a fundamental aspect, as making them pleasant and attractive stimulates the desire of dining at the table.