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Prodotti Verdure Olio Vegetables in Extra Virgin Oil

A characteristic in the conservation is the simple working procedure, which does not change the quality of the prime ingredients.

A basic rule is to follow the seasonal cultivation, starting in Spring with artichokes from the regions of Sardinia and Puglia, continuing in the Summer with purple aubergines, peppers from Carmagnola, small borettane onions and tomatoes from San Marzano.

The challenge is to preserve the aromas and flavours of the fresh vegetables so that they connect us to our memories of youth.

At the same time we want to show how it's possible to transform even the simplest dishes into a wonderful harmony made up of colours, not just flavours.


Prodotti Verdure OliveStuffed Olives

Sweet, fleshy, stoneless green olives, stuffed using different recipes:

  • tuna fish
  • tomatoes and anchovies
  • goat's cheese
These specialities find creative uses in modern restaurants, where interesting yet simple finger foods can please the tongues of many.