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Prodotti Salse Creme SughiSauces and Creams

There are a few traditional sauces from the Piedmont that we make with pride:

Bagna Cauda, made with anchovies, oil and garlic, makes a wonderful dip for fresh vegetables and is perfect for parties or gatherings with family and friends.

Bagnetto Verde, made with parsley, and Bagnetto Rosso with tomatoes and peppers are classical accompaniments for meats.

We’ve also put our own spin on traditional sauces made with mushrooms, chilli pepper and truffle, that make wonderful dips or toppings for first courses. Apart from fine flavours, they offer the possibility of proposing wonderful chromatic intriguing dishes.

Today food is no longer just simple nourishment, but assumes a complex function that invades all five of our senses, not least of all our sight.

Sauces: the most classic condiment for pasta is tomato sauce, characterized by a high concentration of pulp. We offer various selections, from the most popular to the more fanciful.